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"They go to the bank on Thursday."

Translation:Mereka ke bank di hari Kamis.

August 21, 2018



This sentence should also be translated as "Mereka pergi ke bank di/pada hari Kamis."


"pergi" should be used in this sentence


'Di' shouldn't be used as a word for 'on' in this context. You should use 'pada'.


If you want to say it in a correct and formal way, then yes, you should use 'pada'. But if you want to say it in informal way, 'di' worked just fine, since in indonesia, you will accounter these type of sentences a lot when you have a conversation with regular Indonesian citizen(the native speaker), this kind of sentence is in fact the most used one.


i've noticed that so far 'di' is always used with days of the week, but outside of duolingo i have seen 'pada'.

is there a general rule as to when you choose one of these words over the other?


The correct is " mereka pergi ke bank pada hari Kamis"


Di is incorrect here. It should be pada

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