"Gerbang pagar ini ditutup."

Translation:This fence gate is closed.

August 21, 2018

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I've never heard anyone say fence gate before

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You must not be an outdoors handy person nor mixing with them!-)

If you search the internet for "fence gate," you will get a lot of hits. For example:




You're right, I've never had cause to install or repair one or spoken to anyone about the topic. When it comes to opening them, they're all just gates!


I was in the same boat as Winmar. Is a "fence gate" any gate that is part of a fence, or a specific thing? And if the latter, is that the intended translation of gerbang pagar, or is a better translation "The gate in the fence", or "The fence's gate?


Fence gate is not common English. A 'gate' should be accepted.


my problem is I wrote shut not closed in Australia we shut gates as well as close them.


yes, please do report this. i have frequently run into the same issue - also australian, i tend to say 'shut' rather than 'closed'.

but the more we report this, and add to the discussions here, hopefully the more confidence the course administrators can have investigating our suggestions.


As long as you reported it, should be all good.


Yo, native Indonesian here. (I know, just trying out for fun.) "Gerbang pagar" is rarely used where I come from (Jogja). Don't know if it's used in Jakarta or anywhere else though.


Thanks for your input, that's what makes these discussions both interesting and useful. For us learners, what would you say instead?


No problem, agreed to that. :) Either "gerbang ini ditutup" or "pagar ini ditutup".


Fence gate -____-'. Gerbang itu pintu masuknya. sedangkan pagar itu dinding yang melingkarinya. there is no fence gate in indonesia. only gate or fence. Gate is for the door of fence. and fence is for construction that surround the building.


Tutup gerbang gets the gate closed , fence gate is never used where I am from in the Australian bush


Pagar gerbang ini tutup was in a previous question. Why now is it reversed? gerbang pagar ini ditutup ? Is it supposed to be fence gate or gate fence? In Australia, it is a gate that moves and a fence stays put. Saying the fences' gate is just not done. The only exception is when we go to buy a gate to install in a fence. Then we ask for a fence gate, but we don't say "Shut the fence gate." It is always, "Shut the gate." It's not "Close the gate." Our signs that we hang on the gates say "Shut the gate." Inside it is "shut the door" too but Australians do also say "close the door" but that's more for city people. "Close the fence gate" is not something you ever hear said here.


This is another mistake by the staff at Duolingo. I English we say "gate" but in Indonesian they say "gerbang pagar". We do not say "fence gate". This is similar to saying "girl" in English, instead of "anak perempuan", or "puppy" instead of "anak anjing". Duolingo is merely making a literal translation, which is wrong.


LOL. A fence gate as opposed to a wall gate. Tee hee.


Mana ada fence gate??


This gate is closed. Was not accepted as correct lol

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