"Mereka diminta menyanyi di rumah."

Translation:They are asked to sing at home.

August 21, 2018

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"They asked to sing at home" was marked wrong. How then would I word it differently to say this?


"They asked..." has a different meaning from "They are asked..." In the first case, they are asking permission to sing at home. In the second case, someone else is asking them to sing at home. The prefix di- changes the verb to a passive structure. minta = ask/asks diminta = is asked/are asked


The course is trying to teach the importance of the prefix di- with this sentence. I think that's why it marked you wrong.


Were would be more likely than are in this situation, I less it happens quite a lot


Disagree, as we have no context. If it were in the past usually sebelum or dulu is added so we know that we are talking about the past.


Better than singing in the restaurant, I guess.


What would "they asked to sing at home" look like?

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