"Topi ini dibuat oleh ibu saya."

Translation:This hat is made by my mother.

August 21, 2018

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Mother would only make that hat once, so it should be was rather than is


"This hat was made by my mother." = also accepted as a correct answer


It could be a model of hat that she makes regularly. "This red hat we sell is made by my mother"


Why is it wrong to leave oleh out in this sentence?


Was it really marked wrong? Now, 1 month later, it’s accepted. But I agree they put that ”oleh” in vain into most of these example sentences. I never get enough of skipping ”oleh” because for me as a beginner, it is more Austronesian and much cooler that way. It never gives an error (except when “oleh” is needed, and then it’s obvious)

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