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"Dia pun tidak berbicara kepada saya tentang sekolahnya."

Translation:He also does not speak to me about his school.

August 21, 2018



Could it be: "He doesn't even talk to me about his school"


"He does not talk to me about his school either" would be perhaps a better translation


Which part of this sentence does "pun" affect.

Is it,

  • he doesn't speak to you and he doesn't speak to me either

  • he doesn't speak to me about work, and he doesn't speak to about school either

  • she doesn't speak to me, and he doesn't speak to me either?

Or is it modified by emphasising a certain word as in English

Or it all about context without a pronounced emphasis?


What about the verb? :) He doesn't write to me and he doesn't speak to me either.


What is the difference between terhadap and kepada - when do you use which?

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