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  5. "Nemají se proč bát."

"Nemají se proč bát."

Translation:They have no reason to fear.

August 21, 2018



The way I read it, the given translation works quite well. The more literal translation would be "They have no reason (why) to fear", which may help some people understand it!


Can you translate "proč" in general as "reason"? The only translation I can find for "proč" is "why".


In this specific usage it is the most straightforward translation. It is very similar to "Nemají důvod se bát." where důvod=reason. You cannot always just pick dictionary equivalents of each word when translating sentences.


As what they're afraid of is not specified, I would say "They have no reason to be afraid." instead of "They have no reason to fear."


That is also an accepted translation.


Using fear intransitively seemed a bit unusual to me, but you're right, it's fine.


I think that "They have nothing to fear": should also be accepted as correct.


This may or may not be helpful to you, and it's sort of a head game. But if you think about the literal translation as "They do not have WHY to fear," it can be easily turned into "They have NO REASON to fear."


That is "Nemají se čeho bát."

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