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"Saya suka ayam bumbu kecap dan jahe."

Translation:I like chicken with sweet soy sauce and ginger seasoning.

August 21, 2018



Should there be a 'dengan' in there? ie to indicate i like the chicken with the sweet soy sauce and ginger seasoning as opposed to the chicken without? Or is it implied because its more part of the chicken due to the cooking process not served with it?


No, this is how they describe dishes in Indonesia. As for the kecap, yes there are other types than kecap manis, but kecap manis is generally simply referred to as kecap because it is the most common one.


Wouldn’t it also be correct to say “I like chicken with seasoning, sweet soy sauce, and ginger”?


the correct one probably "I like chicken in ginger and sweet soy sauce"

Bumbu here means what is in the marinade or sauce, rather than another ingredients, so i don't think "seasoning" is suitable here


It would have commas if it meant that.


That is what I put in


Why is "kecap" translated as "sweet soy sauce" when there are apparently "kecap manis" (sweet soy sauce) and "kecap asin" (salty soy sauce)?


Very! I put ‘I like chicken seasoning soy sauce and ginger’!


Too narrow a definition here. bumbu can also be 'sauce'


Kecap manis? Kecap asin? Kecap Inggris? Kinda annoying to fail because I didn't specify the exact sauce when kecap meaning kecap manis is entirely contextual.


Why is it sweet soy sauce. I dont read kecap "manis"???


I don't understand at all what is this


Kecap is not necessarily sweet. There is also kecap asin for example. Therefore this sentence should be changed.


Is soy sauce sweet by default?


in indonesia, it seems so. 'kecap manis' is the sweet soy sauce that is famously indonesian. i imagine, due to its popularity there, it's simply abbreviated to 'kecap'.

i would say for many outside of indonesia, soy sauce is salty by default - 'kecap asin' in indonesian.

i keep typing simply 'soy sauce' as a translation for 'kecap' and get marked incorrect. could this also be an acceptable translation to add to the database?


is bumbu working as a verb here? should the English be -- I like chicken seasoned with sweet soy sauce and ginger?


How about "I like soy sauce chicken and ginger."?


Kecap should soy sauce NOT sweet soy sauce. Isnt this kecap manis?


Why is bumbu not anywhere near jahe?

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