"Gedung ini bukan hotel."

Translation:This building is not a hotel.

August 21, 2018

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Why use bukan instead of tidak?


I think we use bukan to negate nouns. Bukan apel, tapi jeruk. Bukan satu, tapi lima. Bukan dia.

We often hear "tidak masalah", which means "no problem". I think it should be "tidak ada masalah", there is no problem, or "bukan masalah", it is not a problem, or "jangan dijadikan masalah", don't turn it into a problem.

People say "Itu bukan masalah saya", which means "That is not my problem". People don't say "Itu tidak masalah saya".


"Bukan" means "is not" while "tidak" means "no". With "tidak" this sentence becomes "This building is no hotel"


Mmm...I believe tidak is used for verbs and adjectives (saya tidak makan = I don't eat, saya tidak besar = I am not big), where as bukan is used for nouns (saya bukan telur = I am not an egg)


Here is more info about negation words:

Negation: Tidak, bukan, jangan, belum, Tips & Notes, Addendum.


when we use bukan, we have two subjects to use gedung and hotel this hotel is not a building hotel ini bukan gedung

when we use tidak this hotel is not a building hotel ini tidak gedung this hotel is no building it doesn't make sense cuz bukan = is not tidak = no


I said "This building is not the hotel" and was not accepted!


With your sentence it might still be a hotel but not the right one. With the DL sentence it is not a hotel at all.


i heard "hidup ini bukan hotel" instead of "Gedung ini bukan hotel" . i don't know the pronounciation sucks or i have trouble with my hearing

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