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  5. "To je jeho matka."

"To je jeho matka."

Translation:She is his mother.

August 21, 2018


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I got that 'to' was for it/they only.


This is the very common "To je..." or "Je to..." sentence type. See more in Tips and notes and in many other sentence discussions.


It had to be "It" from the choice of words available, but it is interesting that Czech is so flexible in this context, my gut feeling is to use "She" in English. Some other languages would be stricter e.g. in French I think "she" would never be "it"!


I wrote "She is his mother." But "It is his mother" would work fine if for example someone asked who was on the phone and one would reply "It is his mother."


Four months ago I wrote that “It is his mother" was accepted as a translation. (I deleted that comment as there were no reactions.) If it no longer is accepted you might ⚑REPORT it. But remember that Duolingo shows only a single “default” translation for each exercise.

(I intended to delete this comment after a couple of days but it has three upvotes… guess I can't do it.)


"It is his mother" is also (still) accepted. Please read the existing discussion before posting a question or comment.

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