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  5. "She studies very less."

"She studies very less."

Translation:वह बहुत कम पढ़ती है।

August 21, 2018



"Very Less" is not correct in English. The correct statement would be "She studies much less" or "She studies a lot less"


Or 'She studies very little'.


'She studies very little' is the correct translation here. 'Much less' and 'a lot less' imply a comparison with something, or a time element (She studies much less these days).


There are many kinds of English in the world, so the question if this is correct depends on where you learn your English.

This is Indian English and fully understood in India. It actually means "she studies very little", but it is useful to learn how it is said in Indian English.

On the other hand, we are here to learn Hindi, not Indian English!


Agreed. Hinglish vs American English isn’t about right vs wrong. All varieties of a given language are equally valid. However, in a learning context it’s important to target a specific way of speaking. So the Hinglish translations aren’t ‘wrong’, they’re just ‘incorrect’ for this purpose. lol


Perhaps you have a point, but there is another useful angle to learning Hinglish along with Hindi. Most of us are studying Hindi to understand and communicate with Hindi speakers, right. Well, Hinglish is also their way of communication, so understanding it as well is just a bonus. However, I do agree that the course admins should allow for other translations which fits the learner's English.


Thank you for your thoughtful response.


Indians do not speak incorrect English.


everyone (indians, americans etc.) colloquially speaks "incorrect english" relative to what's known as "standard english"

i think it's important that duo sticks to the standard (literary) variety of the language we're learning (hindi) and not confuse us with slang and especially dialects, but i suppose it's fine if once in a while it strays from the language we're not learning (english), especially if we learn some hinglishisms out of it


Yes, it should be "much less". "very little" may also be said but has a different meaning; "much less" is comparative, "very little" is not.


Full kudos to AndriLindbergs for staunchly defending Hinglish usage. But it's not a form of grammar that a native speaker in the UK or US would recognise. So for those of us (like myself) learning Hindi from English whilst not being a native English speaker, it's not really helpful, and could actually be quite confusing.


Hi Paula, I totally understand your point, but there is a silver lining to also getting familiar with Hinglish while learning Hindi. In the Hindi part of India these two speech forms are used interchangeably. Even some start a sentence in Hindi and end it in Hinglish. I don't quite find that tasty, but it is they way many (especially educated Hindi speakers) speak. I still hope that the administrators of this course, will in time allow for correct answers in more familiar forms of English.


छोड़़ दो, यार.


"very less" is common Hinglish usage, but not recognised outside India. Please correct it.


There is no need to correct it, just add other correct translations.


This isn't a situation where other correct translations can be added, because this question is about recognizing the correct Hindi sentence to translate the English example. That would only work if the example sentence were in Hindi and we had to type the English. In that case, Hinglish should be accepted for sure. But following Duolingo's principle of the English on the site being, by default, American, this English sentence is misleading.


As long as said other translations are added, I agree. I get discouraged when I crash out because I translate the Hindi into English instead of – as it seems to be called – Hinglish.


There is no such word usage as "very less" in English.


Agreed. Indians who are fluent in English know that 'very less' is incorrect.


Hello? Duolingo? Are you listening to any of these comments? Your English is incorrect.


"She studies very less," is not standard English. It's rather embarrassing for language-learning software to have English like this.


I completely agree. The trouble is that no one at Duolingo is reading these comments, so no one is going to feel embarrassed. And anyway, they included the sentence "What do her legs want" in the lessons, so clearly they don't really care about doing an appropriate job. I'm just holding my nose as I get through this because I really want to learn Hindi and I've already paid for the program.


DL accepted "She studies much less." Albeit, Zeebo7 (below) offers a notable explanation why this meaning is also not complete.


This sentence is about quantity, not quality.
That rules out #3 which has the word "well", अच्छे, in it.
x 3. वह अच्छे कम पढ़ती है।


FYI the English sentence is not considered correct English


No English speaker would say "very less." Sorry. Just rewrite it properly please.

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