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Suggestion: Show stroke order animation when introducing new characters

Hi guys, so I am currently starting out my learning chinese by using duolingo mostly on the computer (sometimes on phone if I am not at home/office). I like to write down every single new character that is introduced (usually about 4 per lesson), and I like to write down all the sentences that I learn in the lessons (unless they are super long then I don't bother). This because I remember it better if I write it down.

Now especially with some more complicated characters like 零 (which you ironically learn in one of the very first lessons) if you have never used chinese script before it is exceedingly difficult to write down the character. I find myself googling the stroke order on external websites. How difficult would it be to show a .gif animation of the stroke order of each character when introducing them? These are all available online already (such as on yellowbridge).

Related to this heck they could even add something where the sound of the character is played and you would have to draw the character with your mouse or using touch screen on your phone !

August 21, 2018



Arch Chinese shows you how to draw simple and traditional:



I agree with you. This would be useful for Japanese too.


Drops is a good app that teaches vocabulary and stroke order. But yeah this is a common complaint so it’d be good if they add it


As a Chinese. When i was young i did learn stroke order of a characters. In fact, everyone did. So it is very useful to learn stroke order of characters. There is some rules though but it is going to take you a time to learn and memorize that. Btw I live in Taiwan we learn tradition Chinese and every character is nearly as complicate as "零" xp


I agree this would be useful for beginners and would help. I think that this would be useful for Japanese and Korean too.


This would be so helpful! I approach the lesson in the same way as you do and it's annoying to being forced to search others sources. It would be a lot faster if I could find everything in the same app.


Agree, not only that, they could also add information about the radicals and how the characters are structured. They are way easier to remember that way.

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