"Tini mengirim surat ke Andi."

Translation:Tini sends a letter to Andi.

August 21, 2018

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Perhaps this letter has something to do with Tini's pregnancy.


I came here to comment that


I guess I'm late to comment this


May i know why is it "ke Andi" and not "kepada Andi"? I believe "to" is "kepada" when it is directed to someone instead of something?


You're correct. Report.


Yes, the correct one is kepada and not ke. Yet, in informal, we may say, "Tini mengirim surat ke Andi."

Sometimes Duolingo team are very strict with the formal form, sometimes they mix between both formal and informal. Or, do they make some mistakes? Indonesian is not so difficult but we still need some hardworking to understand the language. Oftentimes, people don't realise when they have made some mistakes.


To inform Andi that he is going to be a father.Lol.


I have serious trouble learning and memorizing all the me- and be- verbs. Is there a feauture in duolingo just focusing on verbs?


You can find the explanation at the tips in the beginning of the lesson tree, ie. click the circle, then select "tips". There are a lot of examples. Scroll down, at the bottom, you will see two forum links that discuss only about the "me-" and "be-" prefix further.


I don't have tips for this language on my app


'Tini sends Andi a letter' should be an acceptable alternative


I'm only doing Duolingo to refresh my Indonesian skills. What we've been taught in class is this: "Tini mengirimkan surat kepada Andi."

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    Who is andi tini tono


    Tono is Tini's twin lol


    whenever I am checking my answers, what I have written also goes too light for me to read. It never used to do this.


    Anyone know why it's "a letter" rather than "the letter"?


    This is inconsistent. "Tini mengirim surat ke Andi" is considered to be correct here. (it's not formal language and shouldn't be used).

    In another question "kepada" is used, which is correct formally.

    Why does Duolingo alter its answers? (9.1.21)


    Mengapa menggunakan sends Kan itu jamak ya ? Letter nya kan 1 "Tini send a letter to Andi" Yg indo kasih info dong sy baru belajar

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