"You eat an apple, I eat an orange."

Translation:Kamu makan apel, saya makan jeruk.

August 21, 2018

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In Indonesian there are some words used to say one of some thing

Example :

An apple = sebuah apel

A cow = seekor sapi

A paper (?) = selembar kertas

Sorry for my bad English :')


Is a way or phrase of saying one or the other ... Either one. When choosing between options


This was a bit odd. I gave the correct answer, and the course gave me credit for giving the correct answer, yet down at the bottom it said "Another correct solution" and then gave exactly the same answer. I had no typos - I checked carefully. I have no idea what triggered this message to appear.


What's sebuah? I haven't been shown that word before?


Its a word to say 1 of something

Example :

An apple = sebuah apel

A paper(?) = selembar kertas

A cow = seekor sapi

I hope you understand what I'm saying bc English isn't my first language, Indonesian is..


Dude i cant learn Indonesian its hardddddd


Harusnya ditambah kata "sebuah".

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