"Dia menulis surat-surat ini."

Translation:She writes these letters.

August 21, 2018

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Is there a meaningful difference in Indonesian between simple present and present progressive? Does 'She is writing these letters' also work here?


for progressive i think we can use the word "sedang"

dia sedang menulis surat-surat ini he/she is writing these letters


I think 'She wrote these letters' is actually also a right answer.


This sentence doesn't work well in English. You can have, 'she is writing these letters', or 'she wrote these letters'. The idea of writing more than one letter in the present tense is not plausible.


It does make sense if you're talking about a habit. Every Sunday, she writes these letters to the editor. Or, in response to a question: What does she do about it? Answer: She writes these letters.


It doesn't have to be an actual instance. It can refer to a regular habit.

  • She watches these movies.
  • She reads these books.
  • She listens to these songs.
  • She goes to these museums.
  • She rides these trains.


I put he writes these letters and they marked it wrong.


That should be correct as dia means he/she!!


Correct awnsers: She writes these letters He writes these letters

Dia-She/He Surat-Write Surat2/Surat-surat-Writes Ni/ini-This/These

This will not work here because this is not used with Indonesian plurals. Hope it all helps anyone confused with this sentence.

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