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  5. "Gedung-gedung itu hotel."

"Gedung-gedung itu hotel."

Translation:Those buildings are hotels.

August 21, 2018



Why is hotels plural in English but not in Indonesian? Shouldn't it be hotel-hotel? Or should the English translation be 'Those buildings are a hotel'?


The plural doubling isn't necessary if you can tell from the context that the word is plural. So you could say 'dua hotel' (two hotels), rather than 'dua hotel-hotel'. In this case it's more subtle, but I think it's the same reasoning.


I totally agree here


Indonesian is such a cool sounding language!


I answered "those buildings are a hotel" and got it wrong. Wouldn't that also be correct? (many hotels consist of multiple buildings)


It should be acceptable and worth reporting as this Bahasa sentence could easily be referring to a single hotel composed of multiple buildings.


Yes..i got it wrong too. Many buildings can be part of a hotel...so it should be correct.


Even if the buildings do not make one hotel then it should be right since it's clear in both languages that all buildings mentioned serve as a hotel

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