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Thank you contributors!

Thank you contributors for creating this beautiful course. It’s a blessing to get to learn Indonesian. I hope to complete the course by December inshallah.

August 21, 2018



AnEnlightenment, My name is Cat. It is nice to meet you. I love Indonesian , too. After I have completed my Spanish for the day, I treat myself to Indonesian. What a wonderful way to reward myself for the climb to level 25 in Spanish! I wish that I could aspire to finish the course by December, but I give myself three years. There is no set time for the curse to end. I will drink water from the Musi river in my lifetime, or else. Have a wonderful time learning something new. Your friend, Cat

ps I wonder how much French will be in the vocabulary. French creme puffs were a delight amongst all the Asian cuisine. The only things that I do not miss about Sumatra are dysentery and the smell of durian.


I agree! The contributors don’t get enough thanks and I truly appreciate them making this course. I’m planning to go to Indonesia and this course is a great help. Thanks again to all the contributors for putting in the time and effort for making this course. You’re amazing!


Yes thanks contributors!


Love Duolingo Indonesian ... I am already beyond tourist level fluency but am still finding out that I have got by with quite a few mistakes in my Indonesian. Hopefully, Duolingo will help reduce these for me over time. Great work, guys. Thanks.

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