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Hindi Letters - matras

First to note, I'm relearning these, I was first taught the Devanagari script as a child, but had forgotten most through disuse (not much Hindi to read in the UK). I've just done letters 1-4 level 1 & I'm not sure they really convey the link between matras (the symbols that change letter sounds) & their vowels - I'm curious to know if new learners noticed that the symbols used on consonants were linked to vowels e.g क+अ = का or क+उ= कु - because knowing it is obviously quite useful when reading\writing the script.

Before someone corrects me, I'm aware not all matras are linked to vowels, but the most common ones are vowel matras and अं & अः that usually get taught alongside vowels as separate letters with linked matras, कँ is the only other matra I was taught before starting reading words as a kid - weirdly I don't remember it's sound, just being taught it. There are many more, some taught in lessons 4, but aren't taught as part of the alphabet to British children learning Hindi (or weren't 20+ years ago) who are supposed to pick the rest of them up as they go along.

August 21, 2018



I learned the Devanagari on my own a few months ago while waiting for Hindi to be released here. In retrospect I did notice that there didn't seem to be any explanation on the script or it's rules. I kept wondering how would I learn the sounds from this program had I not already learned them on my own. I do think that skills 1-4 needs some simple lessons for the Devanagari script to assist beginners. It's not hard to learn but more guidance is needed than what is given.

Here are the resources that I used to learn Devanagari....








Those look like some great resources. I agree it's not hard, lots came flooding back as soon as I started, but I think there either needs to be another level on it, or a redesign of the current level 1 - my fear is people will be put off Hindi just because the alphabet was explained badly.


As a new learner in that regard (I've been studying Hindi for a year but avoiding actually learning the Devanagari), I can attest that I didn't pick up on that at all and probably never would have had I only been exposed to it on duolingo.


Thanks for the answer - it confirms my suspicion. The real problem is that it makes reading so much harder not knowing it. And whilst there seem to be lots of supplimentary learning resources for serious learners, how many casual learners will search for them?


I too did some work on my own with a library book and another well-known expensive online service while I was waiting for Duolingo to release Hindi. Even though I know there are a few bugs I love Duolingo. I recommend it to all my friends. The other service which only gave you pictures and no info on what they were trying to teach. It had me almost throwing my computer across the room (not literally). It was so frustrating. Thanks again Duolingo for offering Hindi.

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