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"Selain kamu, ada siapa lagi di sana?"

Translation:Other than you, who else is there?

August 22, 2018



Grammatically, "who else is there" is correct.


I agree that we generally treat "who" as a singular, but we do use plural verbs when we know that "who" is definitely referring to a plural. For instance, I might say "I know who the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is, but who are the other justices?"


Who are the other justices - grammatical

Who else are the other justices - ungrammatical


'who else is there'= also accepted now.

I'm not changing the current translation (for now), because I think that by changing the translation, this thread will be deleted as well.


Was taking to my driver (Good thing I got one that speaks English) and he said "siapa lagi ada di sama" would also be correct which is how I would translate the reverse.


"besides you, is there anyone else there"


what's wrong with the above translation


It seems like an accurate conceptual translation, but I bet it was because of using "there" twice. It's probably considered a grammatical redundancy.

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