"Tini is home with Dimas."

Translation:Tini berada di rumah dengan Dimas.

August 22, 2018

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Why is 'Tini ada di rumah bersama Dimas' wrong?


No explanation yet why we are now saying "berada" rather than "ada".


ber-ada is more formal than ada


Thanks. So does the same hold true for all of the verbs with "ber-"?

There is no explanation in the lesson. Suddenly they are saying that all these verbs have "ber-" whereas up to that point we've already been saying makan, minum, ada, etc.


this "ber-" is one of the many modifier that change things into verb with each has its own function (note "makan" and "minum" can't be used with "ber-")

unfortunately my indonesian theory is not good enough to explain the rule further, please google "indonesian suffix verb" or this http://indodic.com/affixeng.html seems ok

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