"Kamu dan dia berpikir."

Translation:You and she think.

August 22, 2018

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"You and her think" is what would mostly be said in English (Australian)


Andrew, I agree with you. In order to continue the lesson, one is forced to use wrong grammar...


It is grammatically incorrect to use "her" as the subject of a verb. The answer given is correct. (Australian)


"You and her think" is what would mostly be said in English (Australian)

Can you use 'her' as a subject in a sentence ?
'her' is a possessive pronoun, isn't it ?
'Her think' ?
Would this be gramatically correct?


I agree with Andrew. In the strict laws of the English language, her is incorrect. But as a native myself (British) I think most native speakers would use her here. For example: "Me and Peter are going outside" is 'technically' incorrect but sounds way better to my native ears than "I and Peter are going outside" or than "Peter and I are going outside" (In my opinion the third of these three sentences is valid but sounds super formal/posh, the second one I've never heard). Likewise here I'd be more likely to say "you and her think" than "you and she think".


"her" is an object pronoun, not a possessive pronoun. As it is an object pronoun it cannot be the subject of a verb, and so "her think" is grammatically incorrect and sounds just terrible.


Think of 'you and I'. You don't say 'you and me think'. I'm also tempted to say 'you and her' or 'you and me', although I am not a native speaker. It just sounds more natural for some reason, maybe because people use it a lot. But normally you should use the nominative (subject) case, and not the accusative (object) case, hence it's 'you and I' and 'you and she'.


I have heard "Me and you" a few times, to be honest


And "You and me", I've heard that a lot.


Shouldn't "You and him think" also be valid? Since dia is gender neutral?


"She and you" sounds grammatically correct, rather than "you and she".


Is it just me or is the speaker pronouncing the word "berpikir" wrong? It sounds like she is saying "berprikir". My husband, who is a native Indonesian speaker heard it that way as well.


If you want to use correct English ONLY, then be consistent and also give the right options. Some questions are penalized for a simple english error despite the essence of the indonesian being understood. And then some questions do not even have proper english. That is terrible consistency.


dia is neutral like they, the proper way to say this in English would be "You and they are thinking" if still keeping the way its set up. this section can throw people off by the forced mistake in word meaning.


i'm not sure if duolingo recognizes "they" as a singular pronoun, so it's best to remember it as that in your head and stick to she/he. hopefully they will update it someday


why isn't "he" correct when "she" is correct? "Dia" can use the pronouns interchangeably!


So anyway, why was "him" wrong?


Should this perhaps be, "You and she are thinking"? Present continuous tense seems more apt here.


Yes, but a more proper translation of "You and she are thinking" is "Kamu dan dia sedang berpikir"


I would use you (plural) think, or you're thinking. Every other literal translation sounds terrible and wouldn't be commonly used in English, although some may be grammatically correct.


You guys wouldn't score very highly on the American SAT.

"You and her think," while a common way to say it, is completely and grammatically incorrect. "Her" and "him" aren't subject nouns; they're (in this case) indirect objects and they CANNOT precede a verb and CANNOT be doing the actions in a sentence.

It's only common used that way because most English speakers (di Amerika) don't pay attention in school or study for the SAT.


I'm not sure what to think of this. I'm getting my points reduced if I'm not using perfect English in my answers but this sentence is just not a great example of good English


Can I use 'pikir' here? Seems to be also a verb, meaning the same


Man sometimes i just dont even hear some of the words being said so i end up missing an answer. It's getting a little frustrating to say the least.


the translation is just wrong


The answer is you and she thinks, because plural

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