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"Apakah kamu punya paprika merah?"

Translation:Do you have red bell peppers?

August 22, 2018



In Australia they are not called bell peppers, they are called capsicum (red capsicum, green capsicum and less commonly yellow capsicum are sold - but often just referred to as capsicum) "Chili peppers" are just called chillies/chilies. The word Pepper is only used in the singular - referring to merica.


Similarly in the UK "peppers" on its own can only refer to capsicum, chilli peppers have to be specified. Bell or capsicum are never heard over here.


I think capsicum is the genus or family or some other phylogenetic term. Basically all peppers, paprika, chillis, jalapeños and other pepper-like plant would be capsicum. The hot stuff in peppers is called capsaicin because if this. I was surprised to see the term in menus in New Zealand. I was thinking to myself 'these people really like botany and Latin' :)) Just a related fun fact :)


On a technicality, not everyone would refer to them as 'Red bell peppers', just 'Red peppers'

Tapi Saya tidak suka paprika Jadi .... Who cares? :P


Should "Do you have red pepper?" be correct with red pepper, no S?

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