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  5. "आप आज तैर रहे हैं ।"

"आप आज तैर रहे हैं "

Translation:You are swimming today.

August 22, 2018



Why "हैं", not "हो"? Since we use "हो" for plural.


Just out of interest - in English this kind of phrase, with the date specified, can be used as a sort of informal way of talking about the future ('Ah, looking at your diary I see you're swimming today'). Is it used the same way in Hindi?


Yes, that's exactly right.


It's not good English and so i wonder about the duolingo hindi (for example ) : When you use today it should be in present simple e.g. You swim today - general You are swimming now - continuous


It's not a very common statement in Hindi, either. But it's grammatically correct. You could imagine telling your kids/younger siblings that they are going to swim today. Though then you probably wouldn't use āp. Maybe you could be reading from your bosses itinerary and telling them that they have an appointment at the pool today. (Maybe.)

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