"My fork is in the bowl."

Translation:Garpu saya ada di mangkuk.

August 22, 2018

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isn't mangkok supposed to be the right spelling as well?


Mangkok is not the formal spelling, it's better to spell mangkuk. If you are a native speaker, you can refer to the EYD


Mangkok should be accepted. Indonesian is very flexible language.


Mangkuk adalah kata baku.


Iya, sesuai dari EYD


I still don't understand on the proper usage of 'ada' and 'adalah'. Would either be interchangeable here? Thank you.


Hi Sherlene! 'Ada' and 'adalah' are not interchangeable here.

In this sentence, 'ada' is translated to 'is' and I assume you thought 'adalah" can be also translated to 'is' which is confusing. Giving examples would be the best way to explain their differences.

For 'ada': "Ibu saya ada di dalam dapur."

Translation: "My mother is in the kitchen."

For 'adalah': "Ibu saya adalah seorang koki."

"Citah adalah hewan tercepat di dunia."

"Pemenangnya adalah Sherlene."

Translation: "My mother is a chef."

"Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world."

"The winner is Sherlene."

Therefore, 'ada' is used for stating the subject's location (in the kitchen) and 'adalah' is used for describing the subject's unique feature. Hope this helps :)


Thank you Yum_Chaa for taking the time to answer my question. I really appreciate your explanation very much. I hope you enjoy the lingot!


mangkok supposed to be accepted as well. In Bali, we mostly pronounce and write "Mangkok" instead of "Mangkuk". sorry to say, Mangkuk is kinda offensive word for us =))


its indonesian languange, not traditional languange. so its should refer to kbbi, not offensive feeling.


what's wrong with "garpuku ada di mangkuknya"


Garpuku or garpu saya should be okay. However, in this context, if you write mangkuknya, the meaning is either "its bowl", "his bowl" or "her bowl". Hope this helps.

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