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  5. "सेब फल होते हैं।"

"सेब फल होते हैं।"

Translation:Apples are fruits.

August 22, 2018



I am not convinced. If you put fruit on the table you know there are several things. Fruit is a noun that refers to more than one item. If you want singular, then you have to say a piece of fruit. When you say fruits, it means different types of fruit such as apples and oranges. The same with people. It is possible to say peoples, but in that case it refers to different races or nations of people. Also fish. It is possible to say fishes, but then it means fish of different species. So when I hear the word fruits, it means different kinds of fruit. It can't be all one type such as apples. That is why I can't believe that the sentence "Apples are (a kind of ) fruit" is not correct. How about "Apples are a fruit" ? Is that better? I would appreciate more feedback on this. I know this is not an English course, but why not improve English, too? Thank you.


I agree.. Apples are fruit is actually correct (if not perfect) english. Apples are fruits actually isn't correct


If we stretch English real hard the different type of apples almost could be different fruits. Almost, but I don't think I've heard a native speaker here (US) say it that way.


El talón de las lenguas(aquiles)


Apples are fruit. Why was that not accepted?


It's subtle, but it's not quite correct in English. Think of 'Cats are animals'. It wouldn't make sense to say 'Cats are animal'.


That comparison doesn't work because animal only exists as a countable noun, but fruit is both countable and uncountable.


I agree. 'Apples are fruit' is correct English


Apples are fruit


The correct English answer is "Apples are a fruit."

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