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"वह बच्ची नवंबर में दिल्ली जायेगी "

Translation:That child will go to Delhi in November.

August 22, 2018



I was marked incorrect for the answer "That girl will go to Delhi in November". Can someone please explain why? Thanks.


Girl is लड़की. But बच्ची is a child (who happens to be a girl - a distinction we can't make in English.)


Apparently, “That child will be going to Delhi in November,” is wrong. Don’t know why.


That would be future continuous, whereas the sentence is only future simple. (To be do-ING, that "ing" is a marker for a continuous form.)


That translates to: वह बच्ची नवंबर में दिल्ली जा रही होगी। Vah bachchi november mein Dilli (Delhi) jā rahi hogi.

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