"He wants rice with fried chicken."

Translation:Dia mau nasi dengan ayam goreng.

August 22, 2018

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The multiple choice shows "Ia mau nasi dengan ayam goreng" as the correct answer. Is this a programming error? Or is "Ia" an actual alternative form for "Dia"?


"ia" and "dia" are the same


Is it a case of formality?


I believe it is a case of how much stress is put on the pronoun.

If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.


i am a native speaker. it is not a case of formality and it is not a case of how much stress either. both means exactly the same thing, both are polite (but there is a more polite word for referring a third person: beliau), both can be formal or informal and can be used interchangeably either way. it is just a matter of common usage. "dia" is more common in daily conversation of any situation. "ia" is more common in poetic uses or in literary works like novels, storybooks, etc. you will rarely hear people say "ia" in daily conversation, very rarely. but if you want to use it anyway, nobody cares. they will not think you're in the middle of poem reading or something. so just relax, choose the one you like. it really doesnt matter at all to anyone. cheers.


Just stick with "Dia" for "he/she". I never use "Ia" and never heard anyone use the word.

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