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  5. "Me gusta ese panorama."

"Me gusta ese panorama."

Translation:I like that view.

May 4, 2014



In English, panorama means a wide or expansive view. If it means view in Spanish, how do express the English idea of panorama.


You can say "Panorama" in both languages, I guess DL suggests "view" just for common use of the word.


Yes, but the meaning is not the same in both languages. The English word "panorama" has evolved to specify a wide view, while the Spanish word simply means "view".


I used "panoramic view", but was marked wrong. I would say this, rather than "I like the panorama."


The Spanish word "panorama" means "view". The English word "panorama" is a more specific wide view which is not necessarily indicated by the Spanish sentence. We changed the meaning after we borrowed the word. So, now they are false friends.


In Spanish it also means a wide view of a landscape that is contemplated from an observation point

I would translate i like the view for "Me gustan las vistas"


Panorama is a masculine noun.

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