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  5. "I am Raj."

"I am Raj."

Translation:मैं राज हूँ।

August 22, 2018



What is the significance of the dot over the hoon?


It produces a nasalized n sound. It's called a chandrabindu(moon dot). I suggest you to listen to its pronoucnciation on google translate if it was for some reason not working here.


I thought "Noor" was "moon", as in Nur Jahan, making it "noorbindu". (haha) I wasn't asking about the pronunciation, I was asking about the grammatical relevance of the moon dot. When is it used vs not used?


No significance. Unlike the anuswar ं which sometimes indicates a plural (है vs हैं), ँ is just a pronunciation element like any other sound in the language.


That dot is called CHANDRA-BINDU. Without that it is just HOO and not Hoon,The chandra-bindu is called anunasik in formal hindi grammar.


What is the difference between ंandँ

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ं (called Bindu (dot) or Anusvaar) stands for a nasal consonant. It has to be pronounced like one of Hindi's five nasal consonants (ङ, ञ़, ण, न and म). For example, हिंदी is pronounced 'Hindi' where the ं is pronounced as न(n). Similarly, लंबा (tall) is pronounced 'Lamba' where the ं is pronounced as म(m). Which of the five nasal consonants it is pronounced as in a particular word depends on the letter that follows.

ँ (called Chandrabindu (moon-dot) or Anunaasik) stands for vowel nasalisation. When it is present in a word, you try to make the vowel sound with your nose as well as your mouth. For example, in माँ, the vowel is आ. The 'aa' sound should come from both your nose and mouth.

In some words, where there is no space above the horizontal line to put the ँ because of the other diacritic marks, we use the ं in its place with the understanding that we still want to nasalise the vowel. For example, में (in) where we should nasalise the ए vowel.


Thank you so much :)


is there a feminine version of hoon?


No, there isn't.


Mein Raj hoon and mein hoon Raj should work either way.


I can't find that chandra bindu in my hindi keyboard that is in my phone. I can find other spots like ंऺ ॅ ॉ ॆ ऀ ॑ ॓ ॔ except the right one :( i even tried ॅ and ं together but it turns out this ॅं do you have any suggestions?

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Which keyboard are you using? If it's the GBoard Hindi keyboard in Android, you need to long press the ं key to get ँ


I will go after lunch


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