"Saya harus bisa."

Translation:I must be able to.

August 22, 2018



This is another sentence fragment, a sentence needs an object subject and a verb, this one just has a subject and a verb but no object, it's something that can occur naturally in a poem, song or in dialogue e.t.c. but cannot stand alone by itself. The simplest thing here is to acknowledge that it is incomplete by punctuatiing with ellipses "I must be able..."

September 28, 2018


Not all verbs need objects, only transitive verbs do.

October 4, 2018


This sentence requires a complement which answers the question, “what must you be able to do, etc.”

August 22, 2018


It at least needs "to" on the end

August 23, 2018


I must be able to.

October 4, 2018
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