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"My driver"

Translation:Mein Fahrer

March 29, 2013



Apparently DUO does not play golf; it rejected "Mein erster Schläger." (Yes, I am currently playing "See how many hearts I can lose for things that DUO subsequently accepts.")


What does a driver have to do with that?


In English, a "driver" is a specific type of golf club...the so called "#1 wood" and sometimes referred to as the "#1 club." The German for "golf club" = "Schläger." So I thought that a (golf) driver might be "erster Schläger" in German. However, I subsequently discovered that the English golf term "driver" translates to "Driver" in German (see the second definition at http://en.pons.com/translate?q=driver&l=deen&in=en&lf=en). So, I will try "Mein Driver" the next time that DL asks me to translate "My driver" from English to German.


Why is it "mein" and not "meine"?


"Meine" would be for feminine or plural nouns. Since "Fahrer" is male sing. use "mein"


You could say "meine Fahrerin" to refer to a female driver

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