"Kami bahagia."

Translation:We are happy.

August 23, 2018

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apa perbedaan dengan 'senang' dan 'bahagia'?


"Bahagia" is more associated with a sustained state of happiness or contentment, whereas "senang" is more associated with short-term satisfaction or relief. It's important to remember this distinction when you get into the variants of each because the variants of "bahagia" ("berbahagia," "kehadirannya ," "kebahagiaan") have more to do with a sustained state of happiness and contentment while the variants of "senang" ("bersenang," "bersenang-senang," "bersenang-senangkan," "menyenangi," "menyenangkan," "mempersenang," "mempersenangkan," "kesenangan") relate more to fun and pleasure.


it's the same, just like in english, happy, pleasant, glad etc

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