"How many are these oranges?"

Translation:Berapa jeruk-jeruk ini?

August 23, 2018

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"How many are these oranges?" is a pretty unnatural thing to say in English. I am 66 and have never said it, or heard anyone say it. " how many oranges do I have?" I say that all the time! :)


Sentence doesn't make sense at all, I think it should be "Ada berapa jeruk ini?"


The English here is nonsensical. No native speaker will say how many are these oranges. Maybe "how many oranges a here", or "what is the quantity of these oranges" (even that sounds forced). I would support a similar sentence in Indonesian (I am not a native speaker so can't say this with certainty). Maybe "ada berapa jeruk di sini". It just sounds a lot nicer, certainly in English anyway.


In regard to price; should this not instead be "berapa harganya jeruk-jeruk ini?"


i think this question is asking about the quantity rather than the price.


It's supposed to be Ada berapa jeruk ini :)


This is not how the question is asked in English. 'How many oranges are there here?' That is a much more natural way of asking the question.

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