"Terima kasih."

Translation:Thank you.

August 23, 2018



what is the literal translation of "terima kasih"? I remember last time I was in Jakarta, some people were saying "Kasih, ya?" instead. What's the difference in nuance?

August 23, 2018


According to the internet, "terima" is a colloquial way of saying "receive", and "kasih" means "love". So, I'm assuming the inner meaning of the phrase is something like "I receive it with love"? (as in, "I appreciate what you've given me"). That's just my guess.

September 6, 2018


i think you heard " 'ma kasih" the shorter version of "terima kasih", only use in conversation

August 23, 2018


"Kasih, ya?" is used, but is even more informal than "'ma kasih".

August 23, 2018
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