"Saya ada di sini."

Translation:I am here.

August 23, 2018

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I think "Saya di sini" would suffice in most situations, wouldn't it?


ada is optional in many cases, but since we are learning indonesian, i think the contributors are enforcing the complete version (this is my assumption of course)


When should you use 'ada'? Is there a rule or a convention about it? Do you use it with all the persons or just first singular?


there is no rule. "ada" can be used with almost all subject, be it a pronoun or not and plural or singular. it can also be used without any subject and even without anything. just one word is enough if you are about to answer a question asking whether something is there/present in the mentioned situation. "ada" in the above sentence, can also be left out altogether. "saya di sini" will also produce an exact meaning of "i am here". the only difference by using "ada" is that you stress/emphasize that the thing is there/present.

saya di sini=i am here saya ada di sini=i am (right) here (dont worry, it is okay, i wont leave you alone)


My answer is correct, exactly the same than the correct one so I don't know why is marked as wrong


I did "I am right here." Is that right?

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