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  5. "This is my chicken."

"This is my chicken."

Translation:Ini ayam saya.

August 23, 2018



I understood that ini or itu is used before the noun only in questions. Why is this statement sentence structured this way?


I think you thought of it wrong. Remember, in Indonesian adjective always comes after noun. This chicken would be "ayam ini". Your chicken would be "ayam kamu". My chicken would be "ayam saya"

The sentence "Ini ayam saya" is a shortened version of "Ini adalah ayam saya" because "adalah" is often omitted. Word by word :

ini = this; adalah = is; ayam saya = my chicken


"Ini" is just like "this" in english so

this is my chicken Ini (adalah) ayam saya

this chicken is mine Ayam ini adalah kepunyaan saya


Why is the correct answer here:

"Ini Ayam Saya" (This chicken mine) instead of

"Ayam Ini Saya" (Chicken [that is] this is mine)...?

While I personally prefer the first, I thought that in Indonesian, the noun (i.e., the focus of what you're saying or talking about) always came before the word that tells you something about the focus?

So, I thought since we're talking about chicken, the chicken would come first in this structure (i.e., Ayam), followed only by things like "where is the chicken?" (ini") and ultimately possession ("saya").

I have seen that rule / structure apply elsewhere, so am not yet clear on why it didn't apply here.

Can anyone advise? Any input would be appreciated. Love this community, btw! Thank you.


'This chicken is me' looool

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