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"Satu windu sama dengan delapan tahun."

Translation:One windu equals to eight years.

August 23, 2018



Is Windu a word because 8 years is an important span of time for Indonesians or because Indonesia uses a different calendar than we do or is there another reason there's a word for this? I got the feeling I'm missing a whole background story here


Yeah I'm confused about that myself. Seems like its a traditional thing but I'm not sure how much relevance it has in modern Indonesia, which uses the Gregorian and/or Islamic calendars for official purposes.



You can say: One windu equals eight years", or "One windu is equal to eight years."


This needs to be fixed, windu is not an English word and isn't listed in the options to select from. Just make it simpler and use in a sentence, something like: "Saya telah tinggal di sinu satu windu" = "I have lived here for eight years" (hope that makes sense, still learning, and don't really get the grammar yet)


It is better if windu stays in the lesson.....learning a language also means learning the culture....this is some sort of cultural aspect in a language


"One windu equals eight years." or "One windu is equal to eight years."


One windu equals eight years


I don't get windu. There is no real explanation for this term.


That's because there is no equivalent English term, which is okay. It may be confusing to English speakers, but language also encodes different cultural concepts that are not shared by everyone.


Windu isn't really commonly used by Indonesians my friend said.


the correct translation is "one windu is equal to 8 years", or "one windu equals * years" The translation given is incorrect.


One windu equals 8 years.Equals to is poor grammar

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