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  5. "Saya punya belasan piring."

"Saya punya belasan piring."

Translation:I have dozens of plates.

August 23, 2018



Get rid of the 'of'


I have a dozen plates.


As per checking 'belasan' means a number within the range 11-19: https://kbbi.web.id/belas-2


What's the difference between the use of "belasan" and "selusin"?


Selusin is literally a dozen but I don't think it is often used. I think that belasan is not a precise dozen but around a dozen, or a number ending in -belas.


Yes, Get rid of the "of".

But how would you say " I have dozens of plates" ?


I think in this case there isn't an exact translation. It's supposed to be "I have tens (in the 11-19 range) of plates" would be more accurate for this sentence since belasan are the ones that have -belas, as the previous commenter said. But since 11-19 in English is included with 20 and above, there is no translation.

In Indonesian, a number estimation will always be the ending word (I don't know what it's called sorry) with -an. For example ratusan, ribuan, jutaan, milliaran, and so on.

So the point is, selusin will always mean 12 (a dozen) exact, while belasan can be any in the 11-19 range.

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