"Saya punya belasan piring."

Translation:I have dozens of plates.

August 23, 2018

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As per checking 'belasan' means a number within the range 11-19: https://kbbi.web.id/belas-2


I find 'belasan' the most infuriatingly difficult word to translate! Whilst the meaning is indeed strictly 'between eleven and nineteen' (and it is used as such to describe someone as being in their teenage years - 'anak belasan tahun'), it is, I think, generally used more nebulously to mean 'lots of' or 'a lot of' or, as DuoLingo would have it, 'dozens of' (which is not literal). As I understand it it is not a substitute for 'selusin', which is precisely 12. 'lots of' is my preference and I have reported it ...


Get rid of the 'of'


I have a dozen plates.


What's the difference between the use of "belasan" and "selusin"?


Selusin is literally a dozen but I don't think it is often used. I think that belasan is not a precise dozen but around a dozen, or a number ending in -belas.


I think in this case there isn't an exact translation. It's supposed to be "I have tens (in the 11-19 range) of plates" would be more accurate for this sentence since belasan are the ones that have -belas, as the previous commenter said. But since 11-19 in English is included with 20 and above, there is no translation.

In Indonesian, a number estimation will always be the ending word (I don't know what it's called sorry) with -an. For example ratusan, ribuan, jutaan, milliaran, and so on.

So the point is, selusin will always mean 12 (a dozen) exact, while belasan can be any in the 11-19 range.


I have lots of plates (between 11 and 19).

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