"Kilogram, gram, dan miligram adalah satuan berat."

Translation:Kilogram, gram, and milligram are units of weight.

August 23, 2018

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You should probably make these all plurals.


Technically, a UNIT of measure is singular, but yes, in spoken language we commonly use the plural forms. I agree it sounds more natural to use the plural forms.


DL now accepts the plural form.


As a native english speaker i would accept the plural, but would naturally say the singular in this sentence


Technically they are units of mass which is not the same thing. Its a little pedantic but I'm left wondering if there's another word in Indonesian that makes that distinction.


Kilogram, gram, dan miligram adalah satuan massa.

From Wikipedia: "Dalam penggunaan istilah secara modern, berat dan massa secara mendasar adalah dua kuantitas yang berbeda: massa adalah suatu sifat intrinsik dari materi, sedangkan berat adalah suatu gaya yang merupakan hasil aksi gravitasi pada materi."

"In modern usage of the words, weight and mass are fundamentally two different quantities: mass is an intrinsic characteristic of matter, while weight is a force which is a product of the action of gravity on matter"


I agree with you. It is important to be correct in both languages so we learn the correct things correctly.


Kilograms, grams, and milligrams are units of weight. <-- this is incorrect?

Since this is to learn Bahasa Indonesia (not English), does it really matter the accuracy of articles, plurals form etc? Let's the user focus on learning Indonesian, not English. Spanish lessons of duolingo could be a good reference for this.

PS: I am a native Indonesian, have IELTS band 8. Somehow, I am doing a lot better in Spanish and Catalan lessons than Indonesian. I can't even pass beyond mid-checkpoint because the answers are so rigid, especially in minor English grammatical problems.


I am not native Indonesian and not native English speaker either, so by doing this Indonesian course, I am learning correct English too. That being said, I perfectly agree with SisiFloren. It is the right thing to tell the administrator that the English translation is grammatically wrong, but I want them not to make the correct answers too rigid.


Thanks for your answer... I was wondering whether it was all a bit too strict... my son lives in Indonesia and us fluent at a local level... and he said the same thing

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