"Perguruan tinggi ini didirikan tahun seribu delapan ratus tiga puluh sembilan."

Translation:This university was founded in the year eighteen thirty nine.

August 23, 2018

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Should be "This university was founded in the year eighteen thirty nine"


exactly, or "in eighteen thirty nine"; you need a definite article with the word "year", but not without it


And the wordbank should really have the “one thousand eighty” version. It took me so long to make sure the wordbank didn't have the words I needed, make sure I did indeed read the sentence correctly, before finally deciding to just type it in myself.


"Established" should be accepted as synonym for "founded". Wouldn't "higher education" be a translation of "perguruan tinggi"? The word "year" is I think redundant in the English translatiion.


I'm curious, do we really not use any contractions in Bahasa Indonesia when quoting a year?

I cannot imagine ever saying "the year one thousand eight hundred thirty nine".


We don't write years in letters!

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