"Bagaimana saya bisa melupakan kamu?"

Translation:How can I forget you?

August 23, 2018

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What is the difference between adding me-kan on a verb and without it? For example what is the difference between lupa and melupakan?


"How can I forget you" and "How can I forget about you" both are correct English but with slightly different meaning, and it is not clear which one the Indonesian version means


Would "bagaimana saya bisa lupa kamu " be acceptable?


Is melupakan causative or benefactive please?


Although this is the answer I expected (because it's the Me-kan chapter) I can't understand how "forget" can be interpreted as either Benefactive or Causative in this case, which appear to be the only explanation to justify having this circumfix, according to explanation in the Tips section. It seems like the sentence can work without it.

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