Aqui Ó

What does this mean? I hear it all the time from Brazilians and I can’t find anything on google. Is it a slang?

August 23, 2018


if someone finds something that you are looking for, there the person speaks (aqui ó), sorry for my explanation, I can not explain kkk

Litterally is "Here, look" But it's a slang that also mean something like: "No way in hell" Like: Someone says you should do something you don't want to do and you answer "Aqui ó que farei isso" (No way in hell I'm doing this) This is slang is specially common in Northeastern Brazil (the area that I'm from) Hope i helped

It is slang. It's my understanding that "ó" functions here as an abbreviated form of "olha," so as diogo-alexandre suggested above, a rough translation would be "look, here!" (or "here, look!"). For example:

  • "Where is my book?" "Aqui ó!" (Here it is, see?)
  • "How do you use Whatsapp?" "Aqui ó!" (Look, here [I'll show you].)

It also gets used as sort of a general interjection/space filler, especially when someone is trying to show you something (eg, giving directions) or get/keep your attention.

An explanatory thread:

Short video on some colloquial expressions:

Native speakers, correct me if I'm wrong!

A good place to look for slang is the Dicionário inFormal. Here's what it has to say:

1. Aqui ó

Olhe aqui! (geralmente desnecessário, usado apenas para dar ênfase).

  • Onde fica o banco?
  • Aqui ó! Vai até o final do quarteirão e vira a direita....etc.

Thank you for all your replies

it's like you talk (here, look)

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