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"Saya dan teman saya suka pelajaran matematika."

Translation:My friend and I like the mathematics subject.

August 23, 2018



A more natural English translation would be "My friend and I like mathematics" or "...the math course"


I would agree with "My friend and I like math(ematics)" and "the math course," as well as "the math class."


the subject math or just math never with subject at the end


I believe "My friend and I like math" should also be accepted.


the correct answer has different word order than the Indonesian


Are you referring to the "My friend and I" bit? I assumed that's because it's correct English to order it as "My friend and I" ("Me and my friend" is not grammatically correct, but often used casually in conversation) and maybe it's the same way in Indonesian where it's more natural or grammatically correct to order it as "Saya dan teman saya".


"Me and my friend" is not grammatically correct, but often used casually in conversation

What's gramamtically incorrect about that?


when you're the subject of the sentence, you use the nominative form "I" and not the accusative form "me". So "I did it", not "Me did it.". But "He did it to me", not "He did it to I." because now you are the object in the sentence.


I made a mistake and said

My friend and like the mathematics subject. and it still said I was right


This is not grammatically correct: it should be 'the subject of mathematics' or just 'mathematics'.

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