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Returning to the German language

Hello! I've been to Duolingo years ago and now I decided to come back. Wow. The site has come a long way. I'm happy to see what they did here. I just started the German tree - I'm at German A2(studied the language in hghschool), but I am more than happy to go through the lessons - even with words like die Frau, der Mann, das Kind and etc. I'll happily go through it all.

I visited the Labs too and I did the very first Duolingo Story in German. It's so cool! I enjoyed it so much! But then I read that 'Keep in mind these projects may be discontinued at any time.' so I wanted to tell to Duolingo's team: Stories are so good, so well done. Please, do not remove them from the site! :) Keep up the good work!

August 23, 2018


[deactivated user]

    wilkommen YVasev24.


    Vielen dank, desireezire :)


    Oh yes, the stories are very, very good.


    And this is why they shouldn't remove them! I just finished the phrases lesson. Can't wait to dive deeper into the tree and read more stories.


    Congrats und Wilkommen zu deutch! (I don't know if I said it right)


    Herzlich Willkommen zurück! Viel Spaß beim lernen, aber nimm Geduld mit. xD


    They will definitely keep them after all that work with illustrations and voice-acting, and so many good reviews.


    Yes, I agree! Please don't remove the stories!! They're really helpful!


    Deutsch ist nicht leicht, aber mit viele Arbeit schaffst du es! --Willkommen--


    Thank you all for your support and comments! :) I know that German is not easy, but I am motivated to learn it. I hope that soon I will be able to write you back in German as well.


    No problem! Yes you will! Good luck on your studies!


    Viel Erfolg, das wird sicher hilfreich :D

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