"Mereka bukan pendukung tim ini."

Translation:They are not the supporters of this team.

August 23, 2018

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They are not the supporters of this team. = official translation.
They are not supporters of this team. = not accepted as an answer.

Can someone explain why the use of the article "the" is required here ?


Hey Rick, as a definite article 'the', specifies/refers to ('defines') a specific group that is known/mentioned/ Before


Two points: using "the" is quite odd here, especially with the not. This would occur if you were expecting to meet with all of the supporters of a team, but approached a different group. Why "the" is so odd, is that the expectation is that you would meet with ALL of the supporters and mistook a similar group. Unless the team only has a dozen or so supporters, I can't see this actually happening.

Point two, to be clear, in American English you would almost always say "fans". Calling your fans "supporters" sounds super English to me.


They are not the supporters for this team is marked as wrong too.


Is "the supporters" must include "s" (plural or jamak)? Can someone explain to me please? Thank you before.

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