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Does anyone know any good modern Hebrew rock music? I had a band on my old iPod, but long lost is that information and I can't remember the name of the band or the name of the cd/songs...

August 23, 2018


That's a bit of a broad request which really depends on how alternative you like your music, but here are a few links to get you started:

איפה הילד
מוניקה סקס

Those are pretty mainstream rock bands, if your taste's a little more alternative, you might be interested in: המכשפות, זקני צפת, חיה מילר, נושאי המגבעת, ערן צור, נקמת הטרקטור, נוער שוליים, ברי סחרוף, היהודים, הבילויים, שייגעצ, אלג'יר, כנסיית השכל, מופע הארנבות של ד"ר קספר.

Israeli rock playlists by Spotify:
מצב הרוק
רוק ופולק ישראלי של פעם
מישהו שומע אותי
אינדי ישראלי חדש

August 23, 2018

i'm from israel and these are some really wonderful artists:

אריק איינשטיין - oh man, if there is anyone thats voice will bring tears to my eyes, it's this man. he is the pride and joy of israeli music, in my and many many others' opinion. he is the absolute best.

מוניקה סקס - great rock band from the 90s, really! a not-so-secret jem. if you ever visit israel, go to their concert, they rock.

לילי פרנקו - if you like that 90s sound, this is quality rock, with good vocals and sexy lyrics. and also a pretty new band!

ג׳ימבו ג׳יי - jimbo j is a rapper, but he is legendary, in my opinion. if you truly wanna feel the hebrew slang in its purest form, he is the best for that. gonna link a song that's not his most popular, but it's a beautiful one about the hebrew language:

also, a song that is jam-packed with content about israeli culture is:

שייגעצ - another 90s rock band that did great, plus their lead singer is now my high school film teacher! :)

כוורת - the absolute definition to old but gold. good 70s israeli rock with humouristic lyrics.

אריק ברמן - sometimes a bit moody and cynical, but overall one of the best israeli artists of the 2000s.

אלון עדר - listen to me when i tell you, this man is an absolute must for anyone who loves a brilliant and witty composer with smart and touching lyrics that is capable of complex harmonies and really catchy ones at times. can't recommend him enough.

יוני בלוך - a combination of eric berman and alon eder - the two above. great rocker, and overall quality.

המפשעות - a fairly new alt-hard rock band with cutting-edge lyrics and a critical vibe towards the political and social status. a nice taste of the rock vibe of tel aviv.

שב״ק ס - this is a classic tune of the hip hop vibe of the 90s here in israel. just pure fun

anyway, there are so many more! let me know if you liked any of those i mentioned. x

August 24, 2018

Do bluegrass, Americana, or the like exist in Hebrew music? Odd request, I know.

August 24, 2018

I guess if you dig around enough, you might come up with a few songs, but basically if an Israeli band dedicated itself completely to such a local genre, they'd probably sing in English as well.

I don't know if this falls quite within the realm of Americana, but here's a rendition of "What a wonderful World" (The English lyrics displayed in the video aren't the new lyrics of the Hebrew version):
ג'יין בורדו - ויסקי

August 24, 2018

This is my favorite song of Sheygetz:

September 10, 2018
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