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"Satu tambah dua sama dengan berapa?"

Translation:One plus two equals how much?

August 23, 2018



Seems more likely to be translated correctly as "How much is one plus two."


Seems more likely to be translated correctly as "How much is one plus two."

"How much is one plus two." = "Berapa satu tambah dua ?"

It's the same question, using another construction and word order.


You mean like... in a normal English word order? Nobody says "One plus two equals how much?" in English


It is occasionally used for stylistic purposes.

Those two paintings you bought cost HOW much!?


Me, too. I wrestled with the notion of responding word for word but decided to go with the good English answer... promptly marked wrong!


The ridiculous English gets tiresome


I'm sure the other languages started out like this too when they were in beta, but you'd think duo would have the system figured out by now. Get an editor to work on the L1 phrases, please. Terima kasih banyak.


it is like each time you level up, the translations are getting messier and messier for english...

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