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"I will vacation on Kronos in three months."

Translation:wej waQ Qo'noSDaq jIghIQ.

August 23, 2018



ghIQ does not take the place where you vacation as its object without needing -Daq? I thought that I answered as though it were transitive and did not use -Daq elsewhere in the course with ghIQ.


Conversational Klingon:

Qo'noSDaq bIghIq'a'?
Are you vacationing on Kronos?

HIja', Qo'noSDaq jIghIQ.
Yes, I am vacationing on Kronos.

(Notice that CK doesn't add -taH suffixes here just because you have to use the present progressive in the English.)

So no, ghIQ does not appear to be transitive.


Thanks for finding that.

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