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  5. "Karier yang umum."

"Karier yang umum."

Translation:General career.

August 23, 2018



Would "public" be a better translation of "umum" here? I'm not sure what a general career is...


Native English speaker here. I got nothing.


I'm just guessing but "public career" is the only thing I can think of that makes sense


So what is a general career??


My girlfriend is native Indonesian, and she said she doesn't know what it is trying to say either. It seems to be just an odd Duolingo specific phrase.


This is an incredibly confusing sentence!


I also do not understand "General career."


Common career sounds the least weird but it's not accepted


permisi, apa maksudnya ‘karier yang umum’? is this a turn of phrase common in indonesian? and what exactly does it mean?

i tried searching this phrase in indonesian online, and couldn’t come up with anything helpful...

i can’t figure out if this is referring to types of jobs being somewhat general (or common perhaps)? or someone having say followed a somewhat standard or conventional (general, common) path in their working life (regardless of what type of job they do)?

either way, a ‘general career’ makes no sense as an english translation.


Possibly a broad, non-specific category such as manager or insurance?


You mean like clerical or admin?


The "yang" here should translte to "the", no?


I believe that 'yang' here could be translated as: 'which is'. So, 'a career which is general'. Yang can mean: the one, which, who, whom. When used to refer to a person or thing, 'yang' replaces the word for person (orang) or the word to which we are referring (for example: a pen). Yang in this case would mean 'the one'. I would like to know if there is more information on the use of 'yang'.


To those that are confused. General is the same thing as common, or basic. I do agree its is a stupid choice of word to use. Sometimes duo lingo makes things more complicated than it needs to be. Aside from teaching words and sentences no one would really use when traveling or speaking in another country. I took spanish too and have learned a lot of words yet when i watch tv, I understand none of it.


This translation sums up the frustration i have with Duolingo. A nonsense English translation of a phrase that even if there was a more accurate translation would be so obscure as to be a waste of time to learn at this stage.


I did a Google search of "karier yang umum"... Got nothing. It's just not a thing.


A career is an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework. The intimation in the accepted translation here is that there are careers which do not require highly specialist training. Having said this, why are we actually analysing this? Just accept that karier yang umum means 'general career'. I sometimes think that certain translations or expressions are being analysed to death, not necessarily on this specific forum but in a lot of other forums. Perhaps I am wrong here.


The problem is, as far as understanding, no one really understands the sentence in either language. If we don't understand it, how would we use it? Makes it useless to learn.

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