"Baca dengan keras!"

Translation:Read aloud!

August 23, 2018

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Baca should be pronounced "baca" as C in charlie, not C in cape.

The entire lessons that have this word must be mispronounced


Hai! Saya setuju... The C sound in ca-ce-ci-co-cu is the same as in Spanish cha-che-chi-cho-chu. It is already reported. I think it should be fixed to avoid confusion. =)


Funnily enough, when you said "C in cape" i thought of Indonesian "cape = tired" and had a moment of "Uh no, that's right" heh heh


Actually, according to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI), it should be "capai", not "cape".


I was surprised to hear this was incorrectly pronounced as Indonesian has such standardised spelling and pronunciation!


baca as in cari


Please use the “tj” sound which ha been modified to “c”. If you thought of it as “batja,” you would never improperly say “baka.” This is worth me spending an ingot on this one.


Such writing was already in the past.

Some years ago (before 1973 a.d), Indonesian used to write "tj" for the consonant "c".


This is still not fixed. Fix it

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If this has been an issue for over a year now, why hasn't the pronunciation of baca been fixed by now?

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    If this issue continues, why not offer a separate course of Bahasa Malaysia for English speakers? They're slightly different, but still. I can be one of the moderators, at least within the basic levels. After all, I lived in Malaysia during 2nd and 5th grade when I was 7 to 10 years old.


    I'm confused, what has offering a bahasa malaysia course to do with the problem not being fixed?


    "recite loudly" should be accepted


    No, recite can be from memory, read aloud, loudly, requires having a book from which to read....very different.


    Would there any other translation be possible? (Read it loudly?) It sounds somewhat weird. Also, it would be nice if there would be an explanation why keras can be used in this context

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