"This is my ball."

Translation:Ini bolaku.

August 23, 2018



How is the grammar of this sentence different from the grammar of "This book is mine" I wrote "Bola ini punyaku" but it was marked incorrect. But for "This book is mine" I wrote "Buku ini punyaku" and it was accepted. are these different? Very confusing

August 23, 2018


They have the same meaning, but a different structure.
Ini bolaku = This is my ball.
Bola ini punyaku = This ball is mine.

In the first sentence, "ini" is the subject of the sentence.
In the second sentence, "bola" is the the subject of the sentence.

There is a difference in emphasis.
Something like this :

Ini bolamu ? (Is this your ball?)
Ini bolaku. (This is my ball)

Bola ini punya siapa ? (Whose ball is this?)
Bola ini punyaku. (This ball is mine)

August 23, 2018


ini adalah bola saya...what is wrong?

September 9, 2018


You dont need the word "adalah". I think you are trying to directly translate the word "is" with adalah. In this instance it doesn't quite fit right, though it would pass in a conversation.

December 3, 2018
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